interested in fundraising with us?

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Q: I want to set up a fundraising event. How do I begin?

A: Begin setting up your fundraiser by filling out our online fundraising request form! One of our representatives will connect with you within 5 business days to confirm your event.

Am I eligible to set up a fundraiser?

A: Any non-profit organization (schools, sports teams, charitable causes etc.) can fundraise with The Spaghetti Shack.

Q: When can I create a fundraiser?

A: Fundraisers are available on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This can be a designated time slot or an all-day event. Fundraisers need to be scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to the event

Q: Where can I set up my fundraiser?

A: At any The Spaghetti Shack location. There will be a designated location set for your event.

Q: How much of the fundraiser proceeds will The Spaghetti Shack donate?

A: The Spaghetti Shack will donate 20% of sales brought in by your supporters.

Q: What do supporters have to do to make their purchase count towards the fundraiser?

A: Supporters must mention your fundraiser or show the flyer when placing their order. Those ordering over the telephone must mention the fundraiser when placing their order.

Q: What do I need to do to reschedule my fundraiser?

A: Contact your representative from The Spaghetti Shack 2 business days prior to your scheduled event. We will be glad to find another date that works for you.

Q: How do we receive payment for the fundraiser?

A: Your check will be available within 5 business days of the fundraiser. You can choose to pick up the check in person or receive it through mail.

Q: Are there any exceptions or ineligible purchases?

A: Online orders, gift card purchases and third-party delivery app purchases will not count towards your fundraising total.

Q: Can I redeem my coupon or gift card during the fundraiser?

A: We are not accepting coupons or gift cards during our fundraising events at this time.

Q: Can I update flyer information?

A: Yes! Simply email your representative from The Spaghetti Shack and we will gladly update your flyer for you. Please do not make any edits to the flyer yourself.